Firefly RPG Core Rulebook [Margaret Weis Productions, Various] on site. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Keep Flyin'! Prepare for thrilling, new . Firefly Role-Playing Game begins with an episode summary of the Firefly television. The real question here is whether the Firefly roleplaying game is any In a truly bizarre move, the core book introduces the game's rules by.

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Firefly Role-Playing Game Corebook - The FIREFLY RPG puts you right in the middle of the action of the wildly popular television series. Firefly RPG Core Rulebook book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Keep Flyin'! Prepare for thrilling, new adventures in the. Firefly RPG: Corebook | Role Playing Games | Role Playing Games, rpgs | FIREFLY puts you right in the middle of the action of the wildly popular television .

Fox has been really great to work with, so I don't anticipate there will be a problem. If you're nervous about it, then it couldn't hurt to keep it in two places. It seems that when a publisher loses the license they cannot sell those books and that includes PDF's.

So its always best to be safe than sorry. Especially with this publisher's track record of losing licenses. The licenses you reference came to a natural close based on the term of the agreements with the licensors. We wish they could last forever.

Marvel, however, did end based on the transition on their end from Marvel proper to Disney. Do let us know if you have any other questions by reaching out to us directly via the MWP website. The rules found in the Serenity RPG had since been revised as well. The initial ruleset was later revised, beginning with the release of Big, Damn Heroes. Those rules are the final iteration of Cortex Classic, and that product is available on DriveThru as well.

May 05, pm UTC Thanks! As you go through each episode, this book shows you how the situations in that episode would be portrayed mechanically.

This makes it really easy to see how the system relates to the story, so it is quite easy for first-time game masters to pick up. Second, I like that this system doesn't have hit p This roleplaying system based on the Firefly TV series focuses strongly on creating narrative roleplaying experiences. Second, I like that this system doesn't have hit points. Instead, your characters may gain complications from poor rolls, and if you continue to roll poorly, the complication will increase.

If a complication becomes serious enough, your character will be taken out of the scene. This doesn't mean that the character is killed. It just means that your character can't contribute much to the scene anymore. One last thing that I really enjoyed was the approach to GMing that this book takes. One of the roles the GM is encouraged to take is to be the player characters' biggest fan. Ths is advice that would be useful with any roleplaying system.

Dec 15, Ethan rated it it was ok. This is a beautiful book, but I think the narrativist inclinations of Cortex Plus are a step backwards for something like Firefly. Among Firefly's themes is the idea of survival; being low on cash, and using what little you have to keep the ship running.

Yet the Firefly RPG--with its zeal to engage in storytelling mechanics and be loosy-goosy with everything else--seems to think that the idea of an inventory, or money values for items, is beneath it.

I ran a game a couple years back, and my part This is a beautiful book, but I think the narrativist inclinations of Cortex Plus are a step backwards for something like Firefly.

I ran a game a couple years back, and my party successfully finished a mission and found some money. After flipping through the pages of this book, I could only tell them they had found a "modicum" of cash which was roughly worth 1d8.

ISBN 13: 9781936685325

This is a ridiculous level of abstraction, and I require a bit more simulationism in my rules than what Firefly offers. The Serenity RPG is much more to my liking. May 07, pookie rated it really liked it Shelves: Full review here: Oct 02, Doublehat rated it really liked it Shelves: Wanna fly the 'Verse?

Wanna be Big Damn Heroes? This is the game for you. Ricky rated it it was ok Nov 25, Clayton Barr rated it it was ok Jul 12, Kristi rated it liked it Aug 29, Jacob Possin rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Theres no need to make sure your dice are all color coordinated, unless you want them to be. Youll see dice displayed throughout this here rulebook.

In examples of play, green dice are kept to form the players total for the roll, red dice indicate jinxes, and yellow dice dont count for the roll. Find us at www.

Weve got a forum set up and well be happy to answer your queries in a timely fashion. Were on Facebook and Twitter, too. Dont be shygive us a shout! To track your Plot Points you need something you can throw across the table. Beads and pennies work just fine, but poker chips might suit Firefly a bit better. Grab a handful and keep them close to you during the game.

Though the colors dont matter much, you might want to pick the same color for all your chips. That makes em easier to spot and keep track of. Pencils are preferred, but a fancy new pen works, too. The rest of the materials you need are all included in this rulebook. Dyin to play? By the time youre done reading through these episodes, youll understand how the game works. If n you fancy it, youll also know how to apply the Serenity crews shenanigans to your game, too. Thats what this chapter is for.

If you want to start playing right away, the main casts rules are provided for you. Want a unique character? Use one of 24 pre-generated archetypes or create your own Crewmember using a simple step-by-step process. Either way, once this chapters done youll have your very own Firefly character. This chapter covers everything you need to know about creating your own boat and gives you plenty of options to customize one to your liking.

If n you want to fly off right away, Serenitys rules are included for you. This chapter offers you a set of rules that complements the Find a Crew and Find a Ship chapters. Find rules for building dice pools, creatin your own Distinctions, how to advance your character, and a whole lot more!

If n youre not planning on being a Gamemaster, then this chapter finishes what you need to know. It includes all of the GM-facing rules you need to help you run an Episode. If n youre lookin for GM-related rules, go here.

Be sure to read the other chapters, too! Into the Black gives you heaps of advice to help you be less jittery.

Firefly Role-Playing Game

Its one thing to be a no-good, dirty cheat. Its another to kill your own grandfather, pin it on your business rival, and steal her mining business.

Seems thats just what the scoundrel Etienne du Bujac did to one Marion Morrison. Morrison hires your Crew to steal a shipment of ore, ruining du Bujac in the process, but youll be up against more than just a ruthless businessman. Youll be contending with the deadly Teng Sisters, the corrupt Sheriff Isaac Demsky and Deputy Violet Stiles, and an unassuming man by the name of Kostya, who could be the most dangerous of the bunch.

Its no joke: From Reavers to low-down, good-for-nothin backstabbers, the Law, and everyone in between, youll encounter heaps of varmints and bad luck. It dont matter if youre working with the Alliance or not; you wont always be able to finish the job. What kind of jobs you take, where you wind up doing em, and who you decide to deal with is up to you. Out in the Verse theres not much you can count onjust your ship and your Crew. Good luck!

Episode Guide Is there any way I can get out of this with honor and dignity? Zoe, War Stories Do you remember what you love best about the Firefly television series? In the Episode Guide, youll fly up and into the black to relive your favorite moments from the pilot all the way through to the end.

It gives you an overview of the setting and teaches you how to play the game by using examples directly tied to the Firefly television series. You can find a complete list of specific terms in the Glossary on page The episodes found in this chapter are: If n its your fancy, the rules will allow you to recreate the events in the television series, provided you realize that you wont be working from a script.

Half the fun wont be the trouble you encounter, thoughitll be how you find a way out of it. Well, you were right about this being a bad idea. During the pilot, viewers got to know Mal and his crew while they were dealin with the worst kind of luck. Many of the crews troubles were self-inflicted, for these folks intentionally live on the fringes of civilization. No matter what system you fly to, if you cant stomach the fact that the Alliance won the Unification War, youll often find yourself hard-pressed for work and, in some cases, friends, too.

If youre itchin to play through Serenity at your table, read through the scenes below to jog your memory. From the get go, its clear that this is a television show about spaceships flyin overhead and folks strugglin to get by. Theres all manner of. This flashback takes place in Serenity Valley on the planet Hera in the Georgia System where over , soldiers died. This particular battle is important, because its the deciding conflict that ended the Unification War.

Hera was a crucial location in the War, on account of it bein smack dab in the midst of an interplanetary shipping lane.

When the series starts up, not much is known about the War, other than the painful memories it brings. Viewers quickly learn that Mal and Zoe were forced to surrender to the Alliance six years before Serenity beginsa fact that shapes their lives to this very day. These details are mighty important because they show the reasons why Mal doesnt like the Alliance all that much and hint at his relationship with Zoe.

As a matter of fact, its clear by the end of this here episode that Mals history drives him to find a crew, find a job, and keep flyin. Remember that part where Mal was tryin to inspire that young soldier to buck up and do his job while everyone around him was dropping like flies?

Mal is charismatic Social d8 and has great leadership skills Influence d10 , so grab 1d8 and 1d10 and roll to see how well Mal does. Add the results of both dice. Youll need to beat Bendis fear, represented by 2d6. If you succeed, think how youll speak for Mal based on that roll. Got an idea in that head of yours? Now say it out loud. Convince Bendis that salvation is wingin through the skies.

If you fail, the Gamemaster responds with a retort that shows the soldiers fear is mighty powerful. You just learned how to role-play. Turns out, they have a run in with an Alliance cruiser, name of I. All clever-like, the crew deploys a fake distress beacon called Crybaby and Serenity sneaks away before the cruisers gunships can catch em.

If you take on this kind of job, youll likely grab some hot cargo from time to time. Strippin old ships can be mighty profitable. If n you dont want the Alliance to ask questions, youll need to get a Guild permit to perform salvage on the up-and-up.

It dont matter what that cargo is. Why, Mal and his crew got into heaps of trouble over cases of protein bars, vitamins, and immunization packets just because they were Alliance-issued.

When the Alliance starts giving you trouble, youll need all the tricks you can muster.

Gear, like the Crybaby, is mighty usefulit increases your chance of success by giving you more dice to roll. For example, when Wash fires the Crybaby out into the Black, Serenity gets a bonus die to evade the Alliance fighters.

Dont that sound like fun? If you want to learn more about how ships work, turn to Find a Ship on page and dive right in. Meanwhile, Kaylee stays behind on the lookout for passengers such as can pay.

Unfortunately, though unsurprisingly, Badger doesnt hold up his end of the deal. As the crew finds out later, neither did Patience. Worse, theres a mole on board who threatens to turn everybody in to the Alliance for a mighty big reward, too. Not everybody the crew encounters throughout the pilot is a villain through and through. They encounter plenty of bad luck caused by misunderstandings, Reavers, and the like.

Will you always be ready for trouble? No need to answer that right now, so not to worry. Thats the other secret to role-playing. Youll find out more about your character over the course of your story with help from your friends and your dice. This Dytonborn individual has delusions of grandeur, see. Profits are just part of his plan. Oh, and in case you were wondering? Badger will play by the ruleshis rules. A true businessman, Badgers set up his current base of operations on the Eavesdown Docks.

What kind of business? Thats the tricky part on account of Badgers dealings with the criminal underworld. Not to mention, he fancies himself a gentleman and dont take too kindly to folks who strut around pretending theyre better than him. Treat him right, and youll get paid. Well, most of the time. We found out the two of em had a kind of history, and it was none too pleasant.

Tricky thing is, the crew had no choice but to get rid of their cargo, on account of it bein stamped by the Alliance. Patience may not be scared of the guvmint, but Mal and his crew had plenty to be skittish about. She rules over a backwater moon called Whitefall. Like Mal, she enjoys getting paidperhaps a mite too much. Turns out all that money she hoards is how Patience got in power in the first place.

Well, not to mention how shell cheat, borrow, and steal when she has to. Thats why you can count on her to stab you in the back. She likes to keep them thatll protect her interests nearby. Her gang aint too bright, but she dont mindlong as theyre handy with a gun!

If n they prove their worth, shell hand em a nice little nickname, like that Two-Fry character who wore a tall hat. Hes an Alliance mole and a good one, too.

One minute, hell be sidling up to you real friendly-like, acting all natural and homey. The next, hell draw a gun if it suits him. Now, the thing about Dobson is that hes more than just a spy. This here citizen follows the letter of the law. That means you wont have a chance to negotiateunless youre a law-abiding citizen like himself. As it turned out, Simon Tam might not have been the mole, but that dont mean Mal had no right to be suspicious of him. On the run from the Alliance, he hid his sister, River, away from prying eyes in a cryo-storage unit.

While this was mighty strange, other mysteries and misunderstandings popped up during the episode, too. Lawrence Dobson looked so gorramn normal that nobody even suspected him after he managed to send out a signal to the Alliance. The good shepherd, as it turns out, is pretty handy in a fight. Mal is a puzzle to all who meet him. Likewise, none of the new passengers understood Jaynes role until Mal told em he was public relationsnot that this cleared things up none. Those far out in the Rim may have encountered a Reaver before, but truth be told most folks believe Reavers aint real.

Mal knows differently and thats a good thing, too. If the crewd been caught unawares, theres no tellin what might have happened. Reavers dont fly the same kind of ships regular folk do. Pilots and mechanics, like Wash, are able to spot the difference between a Reaver ship and an Alliance boat. Just in case youre not sure, remember this: Thing is, Reavers really aint the kind of trouble you want to attract. Surviving situations like these requires good teamwork and knowing you can depend on your crew.

It dont matter whether you like each other or not. When tensions run high, you all got nothing to rely on but each other. Well its my gorramn den and I dont like the way you look down on me. Im above you. Better than. Im a businessman, yeah?

Roots in the community.

Youre just a scavenger. Did I Forget to Mention That?: Gain 1 PP when an important detail of your plan slips your mind. Been a long while since Patience shot me, and that was due to a perfectly legitimate conflict of interest. I got no grudge. Step up your Social die for a scene when you step up a Complication involving someone you dont like.

Menacing Growl: Step up a personal Complication to reroll any pool containing your thugs or goons. Old War Wound: Gain 1 PP when you step back your Physical die for a scene as an old injury acts up. I have a job to do. To uphold the law. Thats what were talking about here. Alliance Agenda: When youre interacting with any Alliance personnel, spend 1 PP to reveal that you outrank them or function at a more important level than they do.

Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8. Couldnt Hurt A Fly: Step back your Physical die to step up your Social die when convincing.

Some folk dont care much about taking care of their boat. They push their ships hard and when things start to go wrong, they keep pushing. Folk like them be mighty dangerous. Unsettling Visage: Spend 1 PP to go first in an Action Order when someone sees your ship for the first time. Uncontained Core: These range from friendly salutations to angry commands.

Heres what they said:. Now, which planet is what type depends upon three things: Just keep in mind that older planets, like those in the Core, have more Alliance running around than the Rim worlds and youll be shiny. Ai ya! Huai le. Uh-oh, somethings wrong.

Bi zui.

Shut up. Dui bu qi. Hun dan. Kwong juh duh. Ni men dou bi zui. All of you or everybody , shut the hell up. Ni ta ma de. Tian xia suo yo de ren dou gai si. Dammit, everyone under the heavens ought to die. Qing jin. Come in. Ta ma de. Damn it. Wo men wan le. Were in big trouble or its over for us. Xiao mei mei. Little sister. Zhu yi. Watch out. Watch your back. Be careful. Be sure to drop by the Appendix on page to learn how to pronounce these sayings. Youll be speaking proper Chinese in no time.

The description of these worlds puts the rest of the Verse in context. Though the Verse is powerful big, Mal and the rest of the crew favor locations that are free from Alliance influenceprovided they can find a job. When they travel to places like Persephone, its to pick up passengers, make repairs, or get work through contacts like Badger.

Course, this direction often makes everybodys life more difficult. With less work to be had, the crew is hardpressed to keep flyin.

New Dallas, Boros: Originally, Serenity was headed for the planet Boros, which is located at the very heart of the Georgia System. New Dallas is the crews likely choice, because its a town favored by smugglers on account of the underground rivers that run beneath it. These waterways empty out into Dead Mans Harbor where naval ships often dock to transport goods from one end of the planet to the other.

Due to the highly illegal nature of their stamped cargo, they changed course in order to avoid a run-in with the Alliance there. Part of the reason why the Alliance is interested in this particular world is because of its proximity to Ares.

The moon Ares, which orbits Boros, is home to a key Alliance shipyard that builds military warships, cruisers, gunships and other government-related vehicles. House Madrassa, Sihnon: Inara Serra, who hails from a Companion-training facility on Sihnon in the White Sun System, called her home an ocean of light.

Twin capitals of the Union of Allied Planets, Sihnon and her sister planet, Londinium, are the two most important and technologically advanced worlds in all the known Versewhich is why the crew never traveled to either planet in the series. Member, the whole reason Mal brought Inara on his ship was to avoid Alliance scrutiny. On account of her bein a registered Companion, Inara has a better social standing within the Alliance than anyone else on board Serenity. Whitefall Position: Georgia Capital: Tranquil Est.

Each place came with its own set of challenges on account of the Alliances involvement and Mals dealings with questionable business folk. The Black: Salvage operations are illegal without a Guild permit. Rogue crews lookin to strip shipwrecks often risk a run-in with an Alliance patrol. Derelict ships are common out in the depths of space, which travelers refer to as the black.

Most illegal salvage operations take place far away from the Core and the Border Planets. Though its more dangerous out in the black and theres less legitimate business to be had, theres a lot more freedom out here, too. Eavesdown Docks, Persephone: The Docks are a busy place where Mal and the crew can find much-needed supplies, passengers, and jobs.

This is also Badgers home base, which is protected by armed guards wieldin pistols, rifles, shotguns and the like. Persephone is considered to be a Border Planet by some, but technically it still belongs to the Central Planets. Persephones atmosphere, sprawling cities, farms, and vast oceans are about as close to Earth-That-Was as you can get. Canyon, Whitefall: Patience practically runs the fourth moon of Athens in the Georgia System.

Strangely enough, Mal, Zoe, and Jayne never see the town she runs. The exchange between the two parties takes place in a canyon. Mal and Zoe are on foot, but Patience and her heavily armed crew are on horsebackwhich ends up working to Mals advantage. Now, in Serenity there were a lot of different weapons.

Mal and his unit used laser weapons in the Battle of Serenity Valley. In Badgers office, there was a heap of guns drawn. Same goes for what happened in Whitefall and in Serenitys own cargo bay. Why, even Simon pulled a gun called a Vektor.

From rifles to hand-held pistols, theres no shortage of bullets flyin around. A big, damn gun aint the only thing youll need to get intoor out oftrouble. In Serenity, you might find yourselves needing a thermal torch like The Sticky or you may need to read a Cortex alert on digital paper.

Heres a list of important items found in the pilot episode. For now, dont get too trigger-happy. Keep this gear in the back of your mind. AG Terraforming Tech: This is the same technology used to terraform new planets and moons.

Remember, this tech doesnt always work perfectlyespecially on Rim Planets. Almost every location outside of the Core has its own little quirk that affects the settlersa rare disease or common malady and the like. This isnt the sort of tech your Crew will normally come across, as most planets were terraformed over two hundred years ago, but its important to know it exists. After all, if you find yourself on a brand new moon outside of the Core like Whitefall, youll likely be stricken with some kind of ailment if you stick around too long.

Digital Encyclopedia: Simons encyclopedia may look like a thin little book on the outside, but its far more than that. This leather-covered reference guide has a screen on one side and a collection of unique data sticks tailored to a specific subject on the other. By swapping out each one, Simon can access a heap of information without ever having to connect to the Cortex.

Booby Trap: Reavers use booby traps to attract ships and damage them. These traps can cause all sort of problems ranging from damage dealt to the ship or a partial shutdown of vital systems. Most Crewsll handle these complications by working together to solve the problem as quickly as possible, cause when theres a trap like this, the Reavers likely aint too far behind Companion Immunization Package: Inara provides Simon with a few packets filled with medicine.

These foil packs are part of a registered Companions standard immunization kit. Unlike the rest of the crew, a Companion has a certain amount of clout within the Alliance, which gives someone like Inara access to goods the others wont.

Without fuel cells or a gorramn meal, youre humped. Protein packs, the cheapest way to feed yourself in the Verse, feed your body but not your soul. Meals also give you a chance to circle back with your Crew. On Serenity, everybody has a meal together the same time every day because it helps folks get up to speed and have some fun with each other.

That may not be the same for you and yours, and thats okay. What you eat will depend upon how long youre in the black, since canned goods last a lot longer than fresh strawberries.

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Portable Communicator: Folks throughout the Verse communicate via the Cortex. Signals are bounced off of relay satellites arranged in two wide concentric circles at the edges of the Border Planets and Rim worlds. Feds like Dobsonwho need to connect to the Central Planetscarry a portable communicator that taps into the nearest Cortex access point to send an encrypted message.

Luckily, Wash was able to scramble that signal so Dobsons warning never reached the Core. A communications satellite that can double as a decoy is mighty useful when running away from the Alliance. It may not always work, but for the most part it will. You can create one of your own by grabbing a goodsized empty canister, like an old Blue Sun Corporation coffee can, a transmitter, and a few other electronic doo-dads.

Course, itd be real helpful to find somebody on your Crew, like Kaylee or Wash, who can jerry-rig equipment in a pinch.

Be sure to keep this in mind when youre finding your own Crew. This mid-sized cargo liner is an older model thats distinguished by its slower speed and thickened hull. When using a location-based Asset or other Trait in your pool, spend a Plot Point to step up or double that Asset or Trait for that roll. Your ships model is old. Really old. Still, the fact that shes still flyin means that youve got a gem on your hands, and there is a lot of advice on the Cortex for fixin her.

Still hard to get parts though. You dont much like messin around with your boat. Besides which, its easy peasy to get parts. But then everyone knows what your ship can do. Familiarity Breeds Contempt: Turn one of your ships Assets into a Complication of the same die rating to gain 1 PP.

When youre out on the job, youll probably need a ship. Most times your ship is part of your Crew and youll be expected to take good care of it. Mal aims to take good care of Serenity and hes managed to find a crew with similar goals. Youre no different. Thats important to keep in mind for the ship youll call home.

Thats right. Youre not just flyin from one planet or moon to anotheryoure living and working on board a vessel. Cant quite picture what thats like? Flip to page for a two-page schematic of Serenity. Every ship and vehicle in this list debuted in the pilot episode. If you take a fancy to a specific ship, be sure to turn to Find a Ship on page There, youll find out how you can create your own.

Sometimes, you need to make a clean getaway from a cruiser youll never even see the inside of. Or, you might be racing your ATV against a rival crews wagon. For times like those, just remembersimple is better. Here are three more adventure ideas that help you tell your own stories.

Are you a Gamemaster? To play these stories in your own Episode, use a character from the show like Badger or Patience, extras like Patiences Thugs, or create new Major Gamemaster characters like Mark Stadler for more cinematic Firefly fun! Youve taken all of Patiences money and you even managed to ditch the Law. With both shuttles gone, you and your mechanic are the only two left by the ship.

Youre about to doze off for a nap, when you hear a panicked voice over the PA. Reavers are comin! And theres two of em! What are you going to do with two Reaver ships breathin down your necks? Youve got no time to lose. How fast can you signal the other shuttles? What happens when it looks like the Reavers have taken a special interest in you and your Crew? Are you willing to ditch a Crewmember if it means the rest of you get to keep breathing?

Whats the matter? Your players dont think Reavers bearing down on their ship are all that scary? To increase the tension, give the Crew a limited number of Actions before the Reavers have a chance to catch up.

Timed Actionsll give folks a real sense of danger as the Crew scrambles to perform some thrillin heroics in a short period of time. Be sure to read Keep Flyin on page to find out how.

Let the fun begin! The only people wholl download what you have to offer are thieves and criminals such as yourselveswhich means you better plan your next job carefully.

Whats more, those crates are burning a hole in your cargo bay, and you have no idea whats in em, just that everybody seems to know you got something worth stealing or downloading. You run through the list of folks wholl take your cargo off your hands, and you and your Crew are none too happy with the options.

So, you turn to Badger, the only businessman you know who has the means to handle this type of cargo, and ask him to set up an auction at a warehouse on the Eavesdown Docks. Its risky, but at this point youre prepared to try anything.

What happens when you find out the auction is attracting all manner of folk on both sides of the lawincluding Patience, the Holden boys, and Horowitz?You just learned how to role-play. Simon, River, and Inara watch the others play in the ships cargo baybut the crews happiness is short-lived. The show follows the trials and tribulations of Mal and eight other folk as they fly around on a Firefly class transport from job to job, planet to planet, in the year This leather-covered reference guide has a screen on one side and a collection of unique data sticks tailored to a specific subject on the other.

Course, itd be real helpful to find somebody on your Crew, like Kaylee or Wash, who can jerry-rig equipment in a pinch. By the time the episode concludes, the crew is freed and personally thanked by the Commander.

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