Here is the list of oracle apps dba interview questions, I expect Apps DBA to know. oracle apps Question 3) How to determine Oracle Apps Version? Answer . Download Oracle apps DBA questions as pdf also given below. Interview Questions for Oracle Apps DBA - Download as PDF File apps 11i technical questions for DBA as I don't have time to explain answers to. Oracle DBA interview questions - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Poor design of front-end application may cause this situation and the .. Oracle Interview Questions and Answers: SQL. 1.

Oracle Apps Dba Interview Questions Answers Pdf

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interview questions and answers download pdf related documents: berry and oracle apps dba r12 interview questions and answers pdf - oracle apps dba r Get Free Read & Download Files Oracle Apps Dba Interview Questions And Answers PDF. ORACLE APPS DBA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. oracle apps dba notes - blog for dba, rac, ebs dba - login to oracle and answers pdf - oracle apps dba r12 interview questions and answers pdf i have choosen.

Answer No because it will create tables while running first session when you start the 2nd session it will fail due to the first.

It has the control file. Answer Autoconfig is an ad-utility which is used to maintain application environment and configuration files. Answer Context file is a central repository, which stores all application configuration information.

Answer Autoconfig will go to each and every top template directory take the templates from there and fill the values from xml file and create the required files. Oracle apps Autoconfig templates location.

Answer Adconfig will create a restore. This restore.

Answer apps. Answer In adadmin if covert to Multi org option is there, then Multi-org is not enabled. If maintain multi-org options is there, then Multi-org is enabled. Answer If this is enabled we can store multiple organization information in a single oracle application instance. Question 20 What is adodfcmp utility? How to find R12 components Version.


Answer Whatever part of u r oracle application u r able to see through web browser is self service. Question 27 What are the different modes u can start u r form server? Answer socket and servlet. Question 30 Is apps password necessary to start all the components of oracle application?

Question 31 What is a concurrent manager? Question 32 What are the different types of concurrent managers?

Answer 1. Internal concurrent manager — Will start all other managers and monitor. Answer Target is the no. Actual is the no. Answer It means at operating system level resources are low to accommodate the required processes for concurrent managers.

Awesome 24 Concurrent Manager Interview questions. Answer Work shifts are nothing but timings at which the concurrent manager is supposed to run. Question 36 What if internal concurrent manager target and actual are not same? Answer dbc file contain database connection information.

Oracle DBA interview questions

DBC file is used by oracle applications to connect to database. Answer GSM stands for Generic service Manager, which will monitor application processes like web, forms etc and restarts any of this processes if goes down. Question 42 How to find out what are the languages enabled in u r applications?

Oracle Database had physical and logical structures. Answer:Oracle database is the collection of datafiles,redologs and control files while Oracle instance is the SGA ,processes in the Memory.

We can have 1 or more instance serving a oracle database. In Oracle RAC , we have one set of datafiles,control file and redo logs while instance on one ore more boxes accesses the same database Question 3 What is a Tablespace? Physically, data will get stored in Datafiles.

Datafiles will be connected to tablespace.

A tablespace can have multiple datafiles. It contains read only data dictionary tables which contains the information about the database. Answer:The datafiles contain all the database data. The data of logical database structures, such as tables and indexes , is physically stored in the datafiles allocated for a database. Answer:Every Oracle database has a control file.

A control file contains entries that specify the physical structure of the database such as Database name and the Names and locations of datafiles and redo log files. Answer The primary function of the redo log is to record all changes made to data. If a failure prevents modified data from being permanently written to the datafiles, then the changes can be obtained from the redo log, so work is never lost.

This prevents oracle from overwriting the redo log files before they have been safely archived to another location. Answer:A user account and its associated data including tables, views , indexes, clusters, sequences ,procedures, functions, triggers,packages and database links is known as Oracle schema. Answer:Data Blocks are the base unit of logical database space. Each data block represents a specific number of bytes of database space on a disk.

The data blocks can be 4 K,8 K size depending on the requirement. Question ROWID is a pseudo column attached to each row of a table. Check if your system has all prereq.

Oracle DBA interview questions

Interview questions from time to time on this and sunsequent pages. Marian Ioan-Lucian. It degrades performance.

Madihah Farial. What is index cluster?

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