With commentary on the first 10 Upanishads by Swami Nirmalananda Giri. Hindu Temple without the body, read the Upanishads. Hear their order. The English version includes only the 12 principal Upanishads. The Hindi, Sanskrit and Malayalam versions include all Upanishads. Page 1. THE UPANISHADS. TRANSLATED BY. SWAMI PARAMANANDA. Page 2. HARVARD. DIVININ. ASCHOOL. Angoyer-Harnard. Theological Library.

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Fºg B+, [šHEº flºº Triº & Tºy A.F. F RARY. (THEosoph Icar, sociFTY). Page 2. Page 3. DEDICATED TO. Brahma and the Rishis,. The Great Teachers. COURTESY pabushobupchild.cf the forces that act on me ! Here ends the Amritanada Upanishad belonging to the Krishna-Yajur-Veda. Upanishads - International Gita Society. Pages · Upanishads» Adhyatma Upanishad - Hindu Temple of Greater Translated from English.

The entire phenomenal universe is subject to the categories of space, time, and causation; but Brahman, the Supreme Reality, is beyond. In contrast with phenomenal objects, Brahman is not in space but is spaceless.

Brahman is not in time but is timeless. Brahman is not subject to causality but independent of the causal chain. That which cannot be expressed by speech, but by which speech is expressed—That alone know as Brahman and not that which people here worship. That which cannot be apprehended by the mind, but by which, they say, the mind is apprehended—That alone know as Brahman and not that which people here worship.

That which cannot be perceived by the eye, but by which the eye is perceived—That alone know as Brahman and not that which people here worship. That which cannot he heard by the ear, but by which the hearing is perceived—That alone know as Brahman and not that which people here worship.

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Kena Up. Brahman is the essence of the eye ' the Eye of the eye', 'the Ear of the ear' the mind etc. Brahman — Eternal, Infinite, Unconditioned — cannot be made an object of material, limited and finite senses. The speech cannot define Brahman. Fire, which burns and illumines other objects, cannot burn or illumine itself.

Brahman is known in every state of mind, for by such Knowledge. Upanishad Wisdom.

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We have arranged them in four categories according to the particular Veda to which each of them belong. By the elimination of all differences due to limiting adjuncts, the words Not This, Not This refer to some thing which has no distinguishing mark such as name, or form, or action, or heterogeneity, or species, or qualities.

Brahman is not in time but is timeless.

That comes to about 30 Upanishads.

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