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Read 10 reviews from the worlds largest community for readers. The book describes the story of a family believed in following the western culture.

However, she is uncomfortable with him since he is rude and foul-mouthed. Despite Dilan's frequent overconfident movements, which initially made Nandan — her close friend who is in love with her — uncomfortable, Milea starts to develop feelings for him.


During a visit to TVRI in Jakarta as quiz contestants, Milea and Nandan, who are left for a while by their friend, encounter with Benni, who ferociously beat the hell out of him as Benni thinks Nandan will snatch his girlfriend.

Amid the heated situation, Benni accuses Milea as a coquettish girl. She dumps Benni, for which he calls Milea a whore.

Despite his effort to apologize, she rejects to his proposal to become couple again.Authors use them to tell or illustrate their work. Selain sebagai seorang musisi dan pencipta lagu, ia juga seorang penulis, ilustrator,.

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