Silverlight is a platform for building rich internet applications. This tutorial has been prepared for anyone who has a basic knowledge of XAML and C# and has . Silverlight Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Silverlight in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment Setup, Getting Started, XAML Overview, Project Types, PDF Version. silverlight tutorial step by guide printablepdf is a preferred ebook you tutorial for beginners with example pdf - silverlight 5 tutorial for beginners with.

Silverlight Tutorial For Beginners With Example Pdf

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That is why I have written Beginning Silverlight 5 in C# focusing on a number of step-by- step, walk-through tutorials that will give you hands-on experience with the . The following is an example of a Silverlight canvas defined in XAML. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Silverlight Tutorial Step By PDF. SILVERLIGHT Basic file format that Save as PDF version of silverlight tutorial step by guide depending on spar time to spend; one example is this silverlight. Microsoft silverlight tutorial for beginners with example in pdf free download youtube, silverlight wcf service tutorial c#, tutorial silverlight 5 espaƱol .

Then, select Visual C or Visual Basic. Choose Silverlight. Name this project.

Click OK to finish creating. Add Reference - Right click reference to add reference.

Choose appropriate Spire. PDF dll version from your computer. If your Silverlight Version is Silverlight 4, please choose dll file in Silverlight4 folder from Spire.

PDF Bin folder. Firstly, add a label in UserControl and change its contents. Also, set label contents format, including font style and color. Next, add a button for running demo.

In this saveFileDialog, you also need to set a filter for selecting document format. In this example, the document format is PDF. Firstly, create a new PDF document and add page in this document. Add ; MainPage.

silverlight tutorial

Add Secondly, create a new PdfFont which includes font style and size. Then, use page. DrawString method to write Hello World. TimesRoman, 20f ; page. DrawString "Hello, world!

Blue, new System. PointF 0, 20f ; MainPage. TimesRoman, Linq reference allows parsing and transforming of XML data.

Chapter 11 - A Beginner's Guide to Silverlight

Load new StringReader e. Parse p. Use binding converters classes based on IValueConverter along with a resource declaration to provide for bindings between data object properties and UI object properties of different types or values e. Isolated Storage Isolated storage classes provide access to an area of storage on the device that is for the exclusive use of the calling application.

This means applications cannot access data stored by other application with only a few very special exceptions , and there is no file explorer for the end user. Section 5 Platform Integration Application Lifecycle While the OS maintains a history of navigation between applications and pages, applications as a rule terminate when the application goes into the background.

This provides the best user experience. Applications restart them at the last shown page when the user returns to the application using the Back button.

The Launching event fires every time the application launches. Initiate loading any settings or cached data from Isolated Storage and check the Internet for any new data if appropriate. The Activated event fires when the application is resumed via the Back button. Load back data from the tombstone or Isolated Storage and check the Internet for any new data if appropriate. The Closing event fires when the application exits from the initial back via the Back button.

Tombstone data can be stored under the global PhoneApplicationService. In either case, the last two events will never be called on the previously running instance.

To prevent the lock screen from engaging due to user inactivity, set PhoneApplicationService. To allow an application to run under the lock screen set PhoneApplicationService.

Export UI as an Image

Disabled which has an associated marketplace submission requirement. Be careful not to drain the battery.

Tasks namespace includes classes used to configure and prompt the user to perform tasks either with no resulting data returned a Launcher or with returned data a Chooser , e. Show e.

See the sample code at the bottom of MainPage. Add a Click attribute to add a handler. With Opacity of 1 the page size is reduced by the size of the bar.

Expression Blend makes it easy to add icons to App Bar Buttons from the built-in resources. Accelerometer Add a reference to Microsoft. Sensors and access information from an Accelerometer object. Location Services The location system talks to the Microsoft location services to help establish a location.

Usage is similar to the accelerometer using an add reference to Microsoft. Devices and the Microsoft. Use the optional constructor parameter to request high-accuracy data using the GPS receiver taking longer to get a position and using more battery power. Otherwise, just available Mobile phone tower and Wi-Fi information is used. Create a Microsoft.

HttpNotificationChannel or reopen an existing one for the phone to receive notifications on behalf of the application. The channel is globally unique to the application instance combined with a channel name. Notification Type Detail Raw Up to bytes in a format agreed between parties.The result is an image of any UI control. Choose Silverlight. HelloSilverlight consists of App. Linux Microsoft's personal Silverlight plug-in does not run on Linux, however the Mono open source project has an offshoot called Moonlight, that's a Silverlight compatible plug-in that runs on Linux.

Regular debugging activities are available including using breakpoints, variable inspection, variable watch, call stack, and output window. It requires home windows XP service p.

It consists of a number of XAML files,. The resources should now look like this: Go ahead and exit Blend now, saving your changes to App.

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