In addition to that work, her books published by Whitaker House include A Divine Revelation of Heaven, A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm, A Divine. A Divine Revelation of Heaven book. Read 52 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Caught Up into Heaven In A Divine Revelation of Heav. I believe this book, A Divine Revelation of Heaven, will be received in an even This book is an account of a number of true experiences I have had with God.

Divine Revelation Of Heaven Book

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I believe this book, A Divine Revelation of Heaven, will be received in an even greater way. As Mary Kathryn Baxter's pastor for several years, I know her. The Paperback of the A Divine Revelation of Heaven by Mary K. Baxter, Included in this book are her depictions of heaven's gates, angels. Catch a glimpse of heavenand your eternal home! After 30 nights of horrifying excursions into the depths of hell, Baxter experienced 10 rapturous trips into the.


As she recalls her journeys with Jesus and the angels, she realizes her destiny in Christ and receives a fresh vision for her life. Included are her descriptions of the order of heaven, what happens to children, and the throne of God. These breathtaking glimpses of heaven will turn your heart toward the beauty and joy that await every believer in Christ. While she was still young, her mother taught her about Jesus Christ and His salvation.

At the age of nineteen, she was born again. In , while she was living in Belleville, Michigan, Jesus appeared to her in human form, in dreams, visions, and revelations recorded in her books A Divine Revelation of Heaven and A Divine Revelation of Hell. During those visits, He revealed to her the depths, degrees, levels, and torments of lost souls in hell, telling her that this message is for the whole world. Since that time, she has received many visitations from the Lord.

In God's wisdom, to give balance to her message, she has also received many visions, dreams, and revelations of heaven, angels, and the end of time.

Mary was ordained as a minister in at a Full Gospel church in Taylor, Michigan. Ministers, leaders, and saints of the Lord around the world speak very highly of her and her ministry. Table Of Contents Forewordintroduction 1.

A Divine Revelation of Heaven

Inside The Gates 2. The Throne Of God 3.

Before, Now, And After 4. What struck me right away was when it was mentioned that demons are there in hell torturing people.

This idea of satan sitting as king over hell and demons doing his bidding is not scriptural. I do not get where this idea came from. What she talked about plays into the old idea of satan with his trusty pitchfork sitting on a throne in hell while demons do his bidding.

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Satan will not be running hell and his demon horde will not be about tormenting anyone as they will be tormented themselves. Thank you for your web site. She is advocating a doctrine that revelation is not closed and, thus, Scripture is inadequate.

Paul tells us that Scripture is fully adequate and the book of Revelation shows that all God intends to give us in new revelation is closed.

Thus, any person who claims to offer a new revelation—information about the nature of God or his purposes not before known illumination differs in that it brings understanding to revelation already given —directly violates Scripture and, therefore, should be questioned. She claims that this book was necessary to show the reality of hell, reality of heaven, and to teach people how to be saved. The only reason this would be true is if there was no source available to the public that already taught these things.

Scripture already does this. As a result, her book is not just a commentary on Scripture, but in fact, advocates that Scripture does not teach these things or teaches them inadequately.

John tells us to test the spirits namely, claims to be spiritual truths according to the truth; nearly every book of the Bible tells us that Scripture contains that truth.

Thus, we must judge everything according to Scripture. When someone contradicts clear teachings of the Bible, then their views must be questioned.

Also, there is a difference between a commentary or book that elaborates and explains a teaching of Scripture and this book by Baxter. The first two are designed to help us understand Scripture. Their purpose is to point to Scripture and not be equal to or in any fashion a replacement for Scripture. I discourage reading such works. I encourage readings works that help make Scripture clear.

Did you read her book s?

Where does she contradict the scriptures? What would you do if Jesus asked you to write down a vision He gave you?

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Would you tell Jesus no? Is there nothing new we can learn about an eternal God?

I read the living Word of God and learn something new about Him each time, even though His Word is set in our present scripture. After reading her books, I came away with the encouragement to be more dilligent to tell others to avoid Hell and seek Heaven where Jesus is to spend eternity with Him.

Your argument makes me think I should never read any book but the Bible even though they might be written by a Christian. Is that so?

I PRAY for understanding. In Love I ask. The first is pure fiction, but stems from the other two. What is seen in entertainment is not what spiritual warfare is about. This can happen, but as I said, is less common.

However, many ministers have used this to promote themselves, falling victim to the entertainment trap. Most believers do not experience this, but it can happen.

A Divine Revelation of Heaven Hell

The third exists and involves everyone. Satan is fighting hard to keep people from coming to God through faith in Christ, generally by finding ways to discredit or hurt the church and the Gospel. There is no middle ground. In other words, those who believe are saved, those who do not believe are condemned.

Regarding the extent of the involvement, this depends on the person. Some are involved in the second type of warfare and, thus, have a great deal of visible involvement. Unbelievers are involved since they stand condemned already.It's just like something right out of a dream. She paints a vivid picture of what she sees in heaven.

Otherwise it was a valuable read I thought.

Rating details. She described every detailed from the tears of those who cried out to God from the earth that the angels saw to the sounds of the flowers blowing in the breeze of God's glory.

An excellent read for anyone!! It is not extra-Biblical, but very scriptual.

This book will bring joy to your heart. In , while she was living in Belleville, Michigan, Jesus appeared to her in human form, in dreams, visions, and revelations.

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