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History Book In Urdu

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86 books based on votes: پیر کامل by Umera Ahmed, Raja Gidh / راجه گدھ by Bano Qudsia, Here is list of my favourite Urdu books written by Urdu writers. This book contains complete history and biography of Saddam Hussain the ex- president of Iraq in Urdu language. Learn the complete story of Shaheed Saddam. Explore Inam Ullah's board "Urdu History Books" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Book categories, Book format and File size.

Noor-ul-lughaat Mazameen-i-Farhat: humorous essays by Farhatullah Baig.

Prem Chand ke afsaane: a selection of short stories. Ghubaar-i-khatir: a collection of letters by Abul Kalam Azad. Anarkali: drama by Imtiaz Ali Taj. Manto ke afsaane: a selection of short stories.

Tlism-i-khayal: a collection of short stories by Krishan Chandr. Mazaameen-i-Rasheed: satirical essays by Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqi. Pitras ke mazameen: humorous essays by Pitras Bukhari.

Pitras ke mazameen Kausar trilogy: a social and cultural history of Indo-Pak subcontinent in three volumes by S. Bar-i-azeem Pak-o-Hind ki millat-i-Islamia: written by I. Qureshi, it is a comprehensive history of Muslims in the subcontinent. Mazaameen-i-Saleem Ahmed: the collected critical works.

Urdu lughat taareekhi usool par: the most comprehensive, volume Urdu dictionary published by Urdu Dictionary Board, Karachi. Encyclopaedia Pakistanica: the one-volume work by Syed Qasim Mahmood.

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Ganjeena-i-gauher: a collection of pen-sketches by Shahid Ahmed Dehlvi. Bajang aamad: humorous memoirs by Colonel Muhammad Khan. Urdu ki aakhri kitab: a satirical work by Ibn-i-Insah. Aag ka darya: a novel by Qurrat-ul-Ain Hyder.

Aag ka darya: a novel by Qurrat-ul-Ain Hyder Khuda ki basti: a novel by Shaukat Siddiqi.

Aangan: a novel by Khadija Mastoor. Chiragh tale: essays by one of the most prominent humorists, Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi. Afkaar-i-Pareeshan: peppered with satire, the essays were written by Justice M. Safar dar safar: travel account by Ashfaq Ahmed, in his usual style. Tareekh-i-adab-i-Urdu: the monumental, four-volume history of Urdu literature by Jameel Jalibi. Urdu shaeri ka mizaaj: a critical work by Wazir Agha. Wazir Agha Mazameen-i-Siraj-i-Muneer: essays on literature, culture and history.

Kulliyat-e-Aziz Hamid Madani: collected poetical works. Basti: a novel by Intizar Hussain. Khama bagosh ke qalam se: satirical literary criticism by Mushfiq Khwaja. Sarguzasht: memoirs by Z. Zarguzasht: memoirs by Mushtaq Yousufi. Aam lisaniyaat: a comprehensive work on linguistics by Gian Chand.

Ma fiz-zameer: a collection of humorous poetry by Zameer Jaferi. Shaukhi-i-tehreer: a collection of humorous poetry by Syed Muhammad Jaferi. Tareekh-i-falsafa: a one-volume history of philosophy, translated by Moulvi Ehsaan, published by Karachi University. Falsafe ke bunyadi masail: basics of philosophy, by Qazi Qaiser-ul-Islam. Aam fikri mughalte: common theoretical misconceptions, written by Ali Abbas Jalalpuri.

Aanandi: short stories by Ghulam Abbas. Aanandi by Ghulam Abbas Maqalat-i-Sherani: research papers on Urdu and Persian languages and literature by Hafiz Mahmood Sherani, in 10 volumes.

Mabahis: critical essays by Syed Abdullah. Lisani masael-o-lataaef: collection of interesting articles on Urdu language, by Shan-ul-Haq Haqqee. Kashshaf-e-tanqeedi istelahaat: a dictionary of literary terms by A. Hafeez Siddiqi. Urdu imla: scholarly work on Urdu orthography by Rasheed Hasan Khan.

Hafeez Siddiqi.

On a mobile phone? Get the Dawn Mobile App: Apple Store Google Play. A notable addition to this assembly can be Kulliyat-e-Khalil Jibran.

It s a beautiful collection of Khalil Jibran's thoughts. Not a good list.

Urdu Indo-Pakistan History

Pakistan main rehzeeb ka irtiqa By Syed Sibt e Hassan is another marvelous book that must be a part of this collection. A great disconnect and a misleader for someone who wants to read the relatively recent generation writers. Kulliyat e- Ahmad faraz missing. How come? Arguably the greatest ghazal poet of post partition era. The article has great timing considering the state of Pakistan. It has so much to offer! I am certain this list is not compiled by some geniune fiction book lovers else they would not place so many kuliyat of unfamous poets.

Faiz sb list of each of his works is worth mentioning. Similarly Faraz too. Ashfaq besides others mentioned by the readers in the comments.

Urdu Historical

But its a good effort to know of some of the grammatical and dictionary works done in the past, unfortunately we cant find in the publishing houses nowadays. Jangloos is the best novel written on rural Punjab,feudalism and post partition lands claims scams If urdu is going to survive and progress we need best sellers from current generation which people are willing to download.

We need younger generation to text in urdu and write in the same language on face book. Their books and short storiea should be available as e books so that thw current expatriates are able to download and that will be an incentive for budding writwrs to writw and make it a career. The opening paragraph states that "Readers may, of course, disagree and make their own lists.

Given his position and access to other scholars, he can easily accomplish this. I will be happy to help him in this endeavor. Should they be treated as one book? For a casual reader such as myself, the list is scary as it would total not just but hundreds of volumes or individual books. That sir, is not only difficult for me to fit into my schedule, but also to finance from my pocket. Furthermore, please consider publishing another list of popular titles from the contemporary writers.

Shahab Nama Qudratullah Shahab should also be the part of it. Perhaps the most famous memoir written in Urdu. Mustansir Husain Tarar is also missing from thi list although he is a best seller since last 20 years.


OMO they are pretty low quality digest style novels. If Bano Qudsia's Amarbail didn't make the list, why should Ms. Ahmed's love stories?

Not to mention her insanely sectarianly religious novels. No mention of Faiz? At least put nuskha haye wafa on this.

What happened to firdous-e-bareen, books by Ghulam Abbas, Manto, Bano qudsia and countless others. And top books really shouldnt include poets, thats a whole separate category in my opinion. I must say.. I hope that it takes roots in Pakistan but i do not expect that.. India may take the lead on this one too.

Raakh by Tarar is also missing Apart from 25 books, I completely disagree with this list. Thank God, you didn't miss Deewan e Ghalib at least!

However, we must give credit to the author that he has made us re-count the master pieces of Urdu literature. My list will start from a book of Manto and end with a book of Manto. In between there would only be Manto. A good list of urdu books but how can be it considered complete without the great prose work of Wasif Ali Wasif.

Khalifa I salute you for mentioning Shafiq sahib's name here dear sir.. I am his 'biggest' fan on earth: Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Kulliyat-i-Insha Allah Khan Insha: Aab-i-hayat Kala pani: Sanam khana-i-ishq: A dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi and English: Platts Umrao jaan ada: Urdu grammar by Moulvi Abdul Haq.

Kulliyat-i-Zafar Ali Khan: Noor-ul-lughaat Prem Chand ke afsaane: Manto ke afsaane: Majmooa Hasan Askari: Pitras ke mazameen: Pitras ke mazameen Mazaameen-i-Saleem Ahmed: Encyclopaedia Pakistanica: Bajang aamad: Urdu ki aakhri kitab: Aag ka darya: Khuda ki basti: Dunya gol hai: Safar dar safar: Urdu shaeri ka mizaaj: Wazir Agha Kulliyat-e-Aziz Hamid Madani: Khama bagosh ke qalam se: Aam lisaniyaat: Ma fiz-zameer: Falsafe ke bunyadi masail: Aanandi by Ghulam Abbas May 05, A flag hoisting ceremony was to take place at least once a month.

At times, the textbook board would appoint a committee of experts to write a particular textbook in accordance with the syllabus or ask for manuscripts through open bidding Ahmad Aam fikri mughalte: common theoretical misconceptions, written by Ali Abbas Jalalpuri.

Misbah ul Lughat-com Topic: They looked at the textbooks for English language, literature and grammar, natural sci- ence and technical education, history and geography, Urdu language and literature, Hindi and Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian, Gurumukhi and books for school and reference libraries Preeti

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