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Ntr Life History pabushobupchild.cf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Features. TITLE: N T R Tho Nenu; AUTHOR:H J Dora; PUBLISHER: Emesco Books; BINDING: Paper Back; NUMBER OF PAGES: ; LANGUAGE: Telugu . Yesterday I read NTR tho NENU written by former DGP - H J Dora. The book throws light into many poltical issues for which ANNAI was wrongly depicted or.

Pls call me on mobile. Prasad sir, telangana lo kante andhra lo chala prantalu venaka badi vunayi manaku kavalasindi abivrudi K.

Separate the Divisions,Area and Revenue it solves the problem. GuruMurthy Where are you Vundavalli after resignation?. Are you with public or attempted suicide?. We lost everything to Telangana.

Mallikarjuna Rao T. Stop ur games. Ap congress leaders are cheaters. It is better option. The fight for Samaikyandhra and for the peopleSuresh Saudi Arabia Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for Samaikyandhra.

Suresh Saudi Arabia testing Suresh Saudi Arabia Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power. Just kick his ass.. Say Jai Samaikyandhra and come to the people. Jai Samaikyandhra. Suresh Saudi Arabia Congress, can't keep AP united, is but a carcass, and soon falls by it's own corruption and decay Suresh Saudi Arabia Sonia has the power in her hands, but she is not acting like mother.

She is acting like "other"Suresh Saudi Arabia Congress government is not foster, no protect and can't promote the possession of equality in AP. Suresh Saudi Arabia All political parties, overanxious for vote catching, become tolerant to intolerant groups.

It's a circle. Suresh Saudi Arabia The people who lead us are of us. We put them in office and we can take them out. Suresh Saudi Arabia Wrong is an addictive, repetitive story; Right is where the Samaikyandhra movement is.

Suresh Saudi Arabia Congress men- you are in a hole, the top priority is to stop digging.

Beware of Sonia, she may give Kashmir to Pakistan!! Suresh Saudi Arabia Telugu people are fed up with political posturing.

Ntr Life History -Telugu.pdf

Please vote against bifurcationSuresh Saudi Arabia A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user. Don't sell your voteSuresh Saudi Arabia Voting for lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

Suresh Saudi Arabia The mission of the Samaikyandhra agitation is one of benevolent assimilation. Jai SamaikyandhraSuresh Saudi Arabia Samaikyandhra war is not a blank cheque for Sonia when it comes to the rights of the Telugu peopleSuresh Saudi Arabia Great leaders passed away, politicians made their way. No care for Telugu people lamentationSuresh Saudi Arabia Bifurcation Politics is pointless if it does nothing to enhance the beauty of our lives.

Suresh Saudi Arabia Bifurcation Politics is never a victory, it's just the remorseless grinding forward of events. Suresh Saudi Arabia Talking about bifurcation in the state where people are afraid of losing their lives is absurdity Suresh Saudi Arabia Congress torture for vote profit in Telangana. At the end it will be no man's land.

HJ Dora book shows NTR in good light

Days are ahead to become ash by Telugu peopleSuresh Saudi Arabia Politics without principles is wearing undergarments on the head. Suresh Saudi Arabia Politics is the enemy of the imagination Bifurcation.

Throw congress in drainage. Suresh Saudi Arabia The era of humanism is over due to dirty politics of congress. Human wills are sacrificing in AP Suresh Saudi Arabia Motherland is our property and we have right to handle our properties as pleased. Suresh Saudi Arabia Good politicians need not be intellectuals, but they should have intellectual lives.

Suresh Saudi Arabia AP bifurcation is historical blunder which is recipe for congress quit-ism. It would be dreadful for the whole party. Suresh Saudi Arabia Indian National Congress political brain is shaped like a peanut, only not as big.

Bullet waste! Create an issue, then only TRY resolving it!

How can i beleive building a capital like Hyd. Anji Reddy garini medicine thayaru cheyamanoccha! Why is T news being spared? Cant it be banned? Low BP patient was treated successfully. Guess How?

Just watched T news for 5 minutes! Ask any Telugu heart. Suresh Saudi Arabia "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

Suresh Saudi Arabia The short memories of Andhra voters is what keeps our politicians in office. The people who count the votes decide everything. Suresh Saudi Arabia Andhra people are patience with stupidity Bifurcation but not with those who are proud of it. Suresh Saudi Arabia Chandra babu Naidu, always look beyond what you can see. Take treatment for your athma rogam. Suresh Saudi Arabia Sonia might be able to fake orgasms.

Comedy is Congress walk into an open sewer and dead. Suresh Saudi Arabia Only two things are infinite, the universe and Congress stupidity. Congress is the residue of sewerSuresh Saudi Arabia Sonia suffers 4m a delusion called insanity; many people suffer 4m a delusion called SamaikyandhraSuresh Saudi Arabia "Woman was God's second mistake.

We don't need multiple choices for Andhra Pradesh. Suresh Saudi Arabia Congress is our Enemy. We may forgive congress but never forget their names. Suresh Saudi Arabia When u do the common things in life in an uncommon way,u will command the attention of the WorldSuresh Saudi Arabia Congress is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.

We have art to save ourselves from the truth. Suresh Saudi Arabia Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Suresh Saudi Arabia I don't know y we r with congress, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselvesSuresh Saudi Arabia In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Suresh Saudi Arabia "Congress may not be interested in war, but war is interested in congress.

Wake up foolish politicians!!

Please withdraw state bifurcation. Suresh Saudi Arabia I need one cyclone to vanish all the A. Politicians in one shot!. Politicians proved that Telugu people were a bunch of fools. Jai Samaikyandhra.. Suresh Saudi Arabia options for samykyandhra 1. Atleast now all MPs should open ur eyes. All politicians to be rejected.

Prez rule, freedom struggle. Pres rule, freedom struggle. Anand Bengalur for 8crs Delhi for crs But y Hydarabad only for 3. Anand New capital for new state. So Hydarabad is only capital for andhraS. Hyderabad is our religion. Similarly Hyderabad can only be shared! Youtude videos are not continous. God bless you. Present our case in Parliament properly.

See to it that HYD belongs to allkrushi "loksabha dhaddarillali,A. P konasagali" adi mee valle jaragali rammohan rao we want only one "vishalandhra". P konasagali" adi mee valle jaragali A. Prasad How can they divide the seats in those universities equally to the people of different regions???

Sai Krishna Reddy elections should reveal whether state has to be divided or not. We will develop tourism.. Rajeshwar Super!! Thank you for educating us.. SS Rajamouli - idi kuda cheppakarledu kada Adhurs Audio function lo 5 mins tanu ichina speech chalu buddodu ante tanaki yenta istamo cheppadaniki..

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Fantastic performer.. He is simply superb. He has lot of talent and potential. I see a great actor in him. He has lot of that youth in him.

That probably makes him go for some unintentional mischevious things but he will make it very big in future. I used to be stunned on sets at his spontaneous performance. He is a born actor. Also, I only knew a good dancer in him until this film. During this period, Abhiram regains Divya's love and also gets her to meet her mother Madhubala in jail whom she had not met since she was of four years and reveal her mysterious dream.

Her father had put drugs in their bag during one of their travels, but the airport officials find the bag with Divya's mother when Krishnamurthy and Divya were in the washroom. Krishnamurthy leaves his wife to save himself and his daughter.

Divya begins to loathe her father. Meanwhile, it turns out that the painting gifted to Krishnamurthy had a camera in it and that Abhiram too was aware of Krishnamurthy's plans. He finds out Krishnamurthy's bank number and accesses the account, transferring the 35, crores to his family account.

It is also revealed that the gas land Krishnamurthy grabbed was no real gas land and the gas there was given by tunnels planted by Abhiram's KMC company i. Krishnamurthyni Mosam Chese company 'Cheating Krishnamurthy company'. Kapil is revealed to be Satpal Singh, Subramanyam's friend.N Srinivasa Reddy We don't need verbal assurances. Srinivasu We want united Andhra. Ramakrishna Please keep 10 years President rule in AP.

He finally meets Krishnamurthy at Divya's birthday party. Kishore Kunapuli respected sir,this is gowtham from hyderabad native of nalogonda.

HJ Dora book shows NTR in good light

Also, I only knew a good dancer in him until this film. Their education was incompetent for jobs! Devoid of personal life and having zero public profile, an Intelligence chief can judge his worth only through the credibility he enjoys with the Chief Minister of the State for his astute suggestions during times of crisis, Mr. Suresh Saudi Arabia "Congress may not be interested in war, but war is interested in congress.

Siva Sankar Plz lead d movement.

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