book (other than for review purposes), prior written permission must be .. This is a book about outliers, about men and women who do things that are out of the. Malcolm Gladwell is most known for his books, β€œThe Tipping Point: How little things The Outliers is a book that deals with the enigmatic mystery of why some . PDF | On Jun 1, , Jim Deleo and others published Outliers: The Story of Success. NIH Biomedical Computing Interest Group Book Club Review of.

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Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Unedited . kids have enough resources to continue learning (e.g. books, summer camps etc.) but poor kids. Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell is never content to accept the status quo, unconvinced that things are what they seem. In his first book The Tipping Point. Outliers: The Story of Success In this stunning new book, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of "outliers"--the best and the.

First he talks about ice hockey and a fascinating fact about the birthdays of the best players. They are all born at around the same time of the year.

Table of contents

It is as if there is a cut off date for when you will be a professional ice hockey player β€” and, in fact, there is. The short version is that if you are born on the wrong side of the date they use to group kids into age levels you are likely to be a year younger than the other kids you are playing ice hockey with and therefore a year smaller than them too.

That is going to make them look like they are better players than you are β€” and they will be too.

A year at 10 is a huge difference, a huge advantage. And then we compound that advantage, by giving the older kids more practice, more experience in games and then more experience and more practice until there is no way the kid who happened to be born on the wrong side of the cut off date has any chance of catching up. Essentially he shows that if you put in 10, hours on any task you will be highly proficient at that task. Innate ability does not exist and ability is actually a function of effort expended.

This is both liberating and incredibly challenging. Challenging, because ultimately we are responsible for our own success as we are directly responsible for how much effort we are prepared to put in. The second great theme of this book is that where you come from matters. The culture that we are from has a remarkable impact on the rest of our lives. When people in authority speak to you, you are probably less likely to question them.

In fact, you might believe you should defer to them.

People from the middle class are much more likely to see rules as things that can be shaped or changed or ignored to make their life more easy or rewarding.

Having come from the working class, even a particularly radical end of it, I can still see aspects of this deference in my own character and this was perhaps the most challenging part of the book for me. The other challenging bit was the part about the Hatfields and McCoys.

The solution might be a little too neat, but the Irish, particularly the Northern Irish, are far too likely to feuds that are intractable and recognising that that might have cultural roots beyond the excuse of religion is utterly fascinating to me. The lessons of this book can be put into a brief sentence: success depends on a series of cultural and other factors that are mostly beyond your control β€” however, the thing that is totally within your control about success is how much effort you put in.

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And the more effort you put in the more likely you will be successful. They are directly proportional and we should all praise work as the key thing that really makes us human.

I loved this book. I noticed that Ginnie points to a pilot who disputes some of what Gladwell says about culture and plane crashes, but this is a minor point.

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Some languages provide an advantage in dealing with numbers. Speed Chinese for example has shorter names for numbers. What difference does that make?

Well, people can hold in their short term memories more of those numbers. And that provide an advantage in mentally handling them. Logic The logical structure of languages also makes a difference.

Outliers: Summary & Review

The English language is not logical in the way it structures its number after This allows Asian kids, says Gladwell, to be one year ahead by age 6 when it comes to math. Intelligence and Success IQ points translate into success only up until Not every single field, but there are many.

Once you are good enough, then the amount of time, energy and deliberate effort you put into those activities will make all the difference between you and the rest and in the final results you will get.Also, luck also has an impact on your ability to achieve mastery.

Click To Tweet I want to convince you that these kinds of personal explanations of success don't work. Another interesting example: Expert players, in addition to the support and motivation of their parents, have the time and space to practice dozens of hours a week. Click To Tweet No one who can rise before dawn three hundred sixty days a year fails to make his family rich.

In football is the same.

Big humility lesson Putting so many success in context is a big humility lesson that can be useful to many of us.

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