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terminology, 8e pdf for free download best book quick easy medical terminology, will not quick easy medical terminology pdf - wordpress - quick easy medical. tilation) contains a prefix (hyper), the meaning of the word is meaning. In medical terminology, a suffix usually indi- easy, good, normal mono- fast pharyng(o)- pertaining to the throat, or pharynx py(o)- pertaining to pus. Editorial Reviews. Review. Doody Review by Steven K. Hamick, BIS, RCP, RRT, AE-C(William Beaumont Hospitals). "The book is useful for students in a short.

Acrocyanosis i. Inflammation of the stomach Pathologist j. Recordings of electrical waves of Gastralgia the heart k. An abnormal condition of enlarged extremities l. A surgical instrument for cutting skin m. A surgical operation to make a new opening between the stom- ach and duodenum n. The study of disease of the heart o. Impaired bodily health 2. Bluish discoloration of the skin 3.

White cell 4. Oversized or enlarged stomach 5. Evidence of disease 6. The study of causes of an illness 7. Excision or removal of the stomach 8. Pertaining to the duodenum 9.

Generalized condition of blueness Heart pain Inflammation of the heart An abnormal condition of white skin Inflammation of the skin of the extremities Study of cell s Teaching sequences in this unit aim to expand your learning by combining words you covered in Chapter 1 with some new ones. We introduced new ideas as well as useful medical terms to improve retention and make your practice exercises interesting.

It will help you get a running start as you continue your studying. Hyper- means excessive, more than normal amount. Hyper- placed in front of trophy, emia, and emesis changes the meaning of the prefix terms. The prefix expressing hyper higher than normal activity of the thyroid gland is. The suffix -ism indicates there is a medical condition involving some specified thing or body part. Hyper- means something is excessive.

Thyroid tells you what part is Hyperthyroidism involved. The suffix -ism means there is a resulting medical condition. This, too, is called hyperemesis. Note the connection between nour- hypertrophy ishment and development. Many organs can overdevelop.

If the heart overdevelops, the condi- hypertrophy tion is called cardiac. The prefix hypo- is just the opposite of hyper-. The prefix for under hypo- or less than normal is.

The suffix -ic means of, or pertaining to. Build a word that adenitis means inflammation of a gland: If a gland is inflammed or abnormal, part or all of it may be excised. Form a word that means tumor of a adenoma gland: Try this. Sometimes the thyroid gland develops a tumor. The suffixes -ic, -al, and -ar mean of, or pertaining to, the attached word. Where would you expect to find a duodenal tumor?

The suffix -oma means tumor. A cancerous tumor carcinoma is a.

A carcinoma may occur in almost any part of the body. A cancerous splenic tumor of the spleen is called carcinoma. The word lipoid is used in chemistry and pathology. It describes a substance that looks like fat, dissolves like fat, but is not fat. There is a substance in mucoid connective tissue that resembles mucus. There is a protein in the body that is said to be mucoid in nature. A substance that resembles mucus is best described as mucoid. Figure 2. It removes carbon dioxide—laden air to the external atmosphere.

The larynx protects against inadvertent inhaling of solid matter and contains the vocal cords, the mechanism of sound production. Leading from the larynx is the windpipe, more correctly known as the trachea. The larynx or voice box contains the vocal cords.

An obstruction of the colon may require a new opening into the colon that will be permanent. Take a look at Figure 2. An obstruction of the trachea makes breathing very difficult, or even impossible. The suffix -otomy an incision into, or means incision into, or a temporary opening. More Word Roots, Suffixes, and Prefixes 27 The suffix meaning a temporary opening, or incision into, is -otomy. Which suffix would you use to indicate creation of a permanent -ostomy artificial opening? Which suffix means making an incision into, or creating a tempo- -otomy rary opening?

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Time for a quick review. Using the suggested answers, write a meaning for each of the following word roots. Now do the same with the following suffixes. Complete the following: Build a medical term for each of the following: Here are two terms to define. This is a good place to stop and take a short break.

It is composed of both the cranium and facial bones. The cranium or skull is a bony vault protecting the contents of the head. The face is the front portion of the head and includes the eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, cheeks, and chin.

The cranium encloses the cerebrum, also known as the brain. The brain is the center of sensory awareness and movement, emotions, rational thought and behavior, foresight and planning, memory, speech, language, and interpretation of language. Welcome back.

At this stage of word-building, students sometimes find they have one big headache. The combining form and root for head are ceph and. Two cephalalgia words for pain in the head are and cephalgia.

Prefix Meaning en-, endo- in, inside, within ex-, exo- out, outside completely Use the table to help with the items that follow. Using the word root for head, build words meaning the following: Refer to the table in question 44 for help. Select a prefix meaning ex-, exo- out, or completely outside of: Genous takes its meaning from a Latin word meaning to pro- duce or originate.

Try these. Here are some common English words often used in the medical world. Write what each means. Write two forms of a prefix for each of the following. The Greek word for hernia is kele. Herniation is expressed by cele. Increased fluid inside the head sometimes causes herniation at the base of the brain.

Herniation of the brain in medical language is encephalocele called an. An accident causing brain injury could result in softened brain encephalomalacia tissue, called. A disorder of the parathyroid gland can cause calcium to be withdrawn from bones.

The resulting condition may be called osteomalacia. Think of a plastic surgeon building a new nose or doing a face-lift. The word root for cartilage must be chondr. The prefix for between is.

One set of between-the-ribs muscles expands the rib cage when breathing in to make room for inflated lungs. When exhaling, the rib intercostal cage is made smaller by another set of muscles. Pathogenic means something that produces disease. What is a pathogenic organism? What does pathology mean? Explain each of the following statements in simple language. Excessive vomiting is evidence of a Hyperemesis is a manifestation of a pathological condition.

A graphic representation Electroencephalography EEG is often the first step toward a diag- of brain activity nosis of encephalopathy. EEG is necessary to determine the cause of brain disease or something similar in your words.

These word parts are used as suffixes. Here are some easy ones. You just learned the suffix -oma, meaning tumor. Now, here are Here are our some more very useful terms often used in discussion of tumors. Then underline a key word or two to help tumors, branch of you remember what the term means. Complete each of the following statements. Look back at the defi- nition if necessary. Complete each definition.

Complete each of the following definitions: One who studies the tissue structure under a microscope is a histologist. A specialist in the care and treatment of patients with tumors is an oncologist. One who studies the structure of living organisms is a morphologist. A specialist who studies changes in structure and function resulting pathologist from disease is a. Here are more than 30 medical terms you worked with in Chapter 2.

Read each one. Say it aloud several times and explain what it means aloud so your ears and brain can hear what you learned. Use the pronunciation key to help you practice if you are unsure.


More Word Roots, Suffixes, and Prefixes 39 Chapter 2 Self-Test Part 1 From the list on the right, select the correct meaning for each of the terms in the left-hand column. Write the letters in the space provided. Osteomalacia a.

Overdevelopment 2. Intercostal b. Study of microscopic tissues 3. Emesis c. Surgical removal of cartilage 4. Adenoma d. Between the ribs 5. Laryngotomy e. Surgical repair of a joint 6. Lipoid f. Softening of bone tissue 7. Cephalalgia g. Herniation of brain tissue 8. Morphology h. Tumor of glandular tissue 9. Carcinogenic i. Headache Encephalocele j. Incision into the larynx Arthroplasty k. Pertainiing to producing cancer Oncologist l. Resembling fat Hypertrophy m. Vomiting, to vomit Chondrectomy n.

Medical specialist dealing with Histology tumors o.

Surgical removal of the thyroid gland Thyroid 2. Inflammation of glandular tissue Aden 3. Malignant tumor Carcin 4. Excessive vomiting emesis 5. Resembling mucus Muc 6. Tumor specialist Onc 7. Making a new permanent opening into the colon Col 8. Inflammation inside the head cephal 9.

Tumor of fat tissue oma Pertaining to the teeth Dent To breathe out hale Pertaining to between the ribs cost A tumor inside the bone canal oste Medical condition resulting from an underactive thyroid thyroid Thyroidectomy 2.

Adenitis 3. Carcinoma 4. Hyperemesis 5. Mucoid 6. Oncologist 7. Colostomy 8. Encephalitis 9. Dental Exhale Intercostal Endosteoma Hypothyroidism In Chapter 3 and beyond you will find that terms are largely grouped by body system: Further, we will discuss why most medical practitioners use these groupings as an important tool of communication. It will refresh your memory of the terms and word parts you studied. Try it page The prefix ab- means from or away from.

Figure 3. Aberrant nerves wander from the normal nerve track. Blood vessels aberrant that follow an unusual path are called vessels. When children have been kidnapped and taken from their parents, abducted they have been.

Abduction can occur from any midline. When the fingers of the abducted hand are spread apart, four fingers have been from the midline of the hand.

The prefix ad- meaning toward, or toward the midline, is. When two normally separate tissues join together, they adhere to each other like adhesive tape. Now patients walk the day following an appendectomy.

This has adhesions nearly eliminated. In your own words, explain the meaning of the following terms: Many of the body organs are suspended in these internal chambers and provide cushions against shocks.

The cavities allow body organs to assume various sizes and shapes. The cranial cavity and spinal cavity are continuous and house the brain and spinal cord. The thoracic cavity contains the lungs and major blood vessels and other structures. The abdominal cavity is where the stomach, liver, spleen, and intestines are found. The lower portion of the abdomi- nal cavity is set apart as the pelvic cavity. This is a surgical puncture of a cavity.

Centesis, or surgical puncture of a cavity, is a word in itself. Build a term meaning surgical puncture or tapping of the abdomen: When fluid has accumulated in the abdominal cavity, it can be abdominocentesis drained off by a procedure called. The word root for bladder is.

Chances are good that by now you have figured out how word parts go together to create meaning. About 90 percent of the time, the meaning of a term can be unscrambled by identifying its component parts in reverse.


For example, cyst means bladder; -itis means inflammation of. Dermat means skin; -ologist means a specialist one who studies. Abdomino means abdomen; -centesis means surgical puncture of a cavity to drain off fluid. Basic Anatomical Terms and Abnormal Conditions 49 Take a look at Figure 3.

Hydro is water, fluid, or a watery used in words to mean fluid. Go back to Figure 3. The space inside the head is called the cranial cavity. Both the fluid and the brain occupy the same space, called the cranial cavity. Unless resolved, accumulation of watery fluid in the cranial cavity results in deformity of the skull, and brain damage may occur. This hydrocephalus condition is called. Phobia abnormal fear means. Basic Anatomical Terms and Abnormal Conditions 51 See Figure 3. The bones of the pelvis form the pelvic cavity.

This measurement is called. Write a medical term for each of the following: The cerebrum occupies the cranial cavity. Gray matter controls thinking, feeling, and movement. The gray matter is the cerebrum largest part of the brain.

What is it called? What part spinal of the word means pertaining to the spinal cord? Try that again. Add a prefix or ending to each of the following combining forms Yours may be and then explain the meaning of the term you created. Coccus is a bacteria that causes dis- ease. When building terms about a whole family of bacteria called the cocci, we use the word root cocc-. See Appendix B for more information on the formation of plu- rals.

Pneumonia is caused by the pneumococcus. There are three main types of a coccus bacteria: Many types of cocci pl. Refer to the illustration above for help. The bacteria that cause carbuncles grow in clusters like bunches of staphylococci grapes.

Carbuncles are caused by bacteria.

Basic Anatomical Terms and Abnormal Conditions 55 Bacteria that contain or produce pus are referred to as pyogenic bacteria. Boils are purulent contain pus. This pus is formed by pyogenic bacteria. The suffix -orrhea means flow or discharge.

Pyorrhea alveolaris is a disease of the teeth and gums. The term that pyorrhea tells you pus is being discharged is. When pus flows from the salivary gland, the disease is called pyorrhea salivaris of the salivary gland.

This disease involves discharge, inflammation, pain, and deafness. Write the medical term for ear pain: Rhinorrhea means discharge from the nose. Irritated or diseased sinuses in the head and face may discharge fluid rhinorrhea through the nose.

This is a form of. Basic Anatomical Terms and Abnormal Conditions 57 Try these for a quick review. Try again. Here are some word parts and combining forms to help you build some familiar medical terms. Calculi or stones form in many places in the body. Chole is the word for.

No matter what its size or shape, irritation and blockage of the gall- cholelith bladder can be caused by a bile or gallstone, called. Gall is the fluid stored in the gallbladder. Cholecyst is a medical gallbladder name for the.

Inflammation of the gallbladder is accompanied by pain and emesis. Fatty foods like butter, cream, and whole milk contain fat and can exacerbate inflammation in the gallbladder. These foods should be avoided by patients with an inflammatory condition of the gall- cholecystitis bladder, or. From List B select the best meaning for each term in List A. Select the best meaning for each of the following word parts. Each of the suffixes below means of, or pertaining to the word root to which it is attached.

Write the meaning of each term. Here are 40 new medical terms you formed in Chapter 3. Read them one at a time and pronounce each aloud. Better yet, ask a friend to say them aloud and you spell them. Thoracocentesis a. Headache 2. Cholelithotomy b. Relating to the pelvis, pelvic cavity 3. Otorrhea c. Wandering or out of the normal 4. Cystotomy place 5. Abdominalgia d. Tapping or puncturing the chest cavity thorax to remove fluid 6.

Cranium e. Movement toward the midline 7. Cephalgia f. Abnormal fear of water 8. Hydrophobia g. Running or draining from the ear 9. Adduction h. Incision into the bladder Streptococci i. Producing pus Pyogenic j.

The bony vault surrounding the Aberrant brain Pelvic k.

Incision for the purpose of Cholecystotomy removing a gallstone Rhinoplasty l. Cocci bacteria that grow in chains n. Surgical repair or restoration of the nose o. Herniation of a bladder cele 2. Tapping or puncturing of the heart chamber centesis 3. Surgical repair of the bony vault that encloses the brain plasty 4.

Earache algia 5. Gallstone lith 6. Inflammation of the nose itis 7. Measurement of the pelvis metry 8. Relating to the thorax ic 9.

Collection of fluid in the head Hydro Incision into the cranium otomy Relating to the formation of pus genic Surgical repair of the chest cage plasty Instrument for measuring the pelvis meter Relating to the abdomen al Cystocele 2. Cardiocentesis 3. Cranioplasty 4. Otalgia 5. Cholelith 6. Rhinitis 7. Pelvimetry 8. Thoracic 9. Craniotomy Pyogenic Thoracoplasty Pelvimeter Abdominal As the name suggests, this system includes the genitals and the urinary system.

This section of the head-to-toe assessment is documented differently depending on the sex of the client, and you will find many of the medical terms subdivided in the book. This section provides information on urinary patterns, obstructions block- ages , and problems. This includes information about the bladder—the organ that stores urine—and the tubes that lead to and from the bladder to remove urine from the body. It also has information involving reproduction, fertility, and sexuality, and addresses any relevant problems that might arise.

Review the mini-glossary below. Chapter 4 is a little longer than the previous ones. There are illustrations showing the anatomy of the urinary tract and the genital organs of both male and female. Make these illustrations work for you. Bookmark the pages and refer to them often.

Move slowly. When you encounter a diffi- cult example, go back a frame or two and work through it again. Help your- self understand before moving on. Practice, practice, practice. It really works page Kinesi is used in words to mean movement or motion. After your first horseback ride, almost any movement causes a con- kinesialgia dition called. The Genitals and the Urinary Tract 67 4. Remember -ologist? The study of muscular movement during exercise is known as the scientific field of kinesiology.

The prefix dys- means painful, bad, or difficult. The prefix for painful, bad, or difficult dys- is. Contemplating the troubles of the world while eating is a good way dyspepsia to cause. Note the dropped o.

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Match the best defini- tion in List B with the word root in List A. Write your selection in the space provided. Write the term. Build a word for each of the following definitions. The major organs of the male reproductive system are the paired testes, where sperm cells are pro- duced.

Surrounding the testis is a comma-shaped structure called the epididymis. Mature sperm cells are stored in the epididymis. The vas deferens is a long tube that conveys the mature sperm for ejacula- tion during copulation. It courses from the epididymis up into the body, over the pubic bone, curves to the left, passes the urinary bladder, curves again near the ureter, and passes downward.

Here the vas joins with the duct leading from the seminal vesicle and forms the ejaculatory duct. The seminal vesicle is a small bladderlike structure that adds secretions to the sperm to form semen.

The ejaculatory duct releases the semen and it enters the urethra as it exits the uri- nary bladder. The urethra is a 6- to 8-inch long tube in the male. It passes by the prostate, a chestnut-shaped gland surrounding the beginning of the urethra, and enters the penis, to deliver its con- tents for fertilization of the female egg cell. Several accessory structures in the diagram show their relation- ships to the reproductive organs.

It delivers urine from the kidney. The last portion of the large intestine is the rectum, and the end of the digestive tract is the anus.

The testes are organs that manufacture sperm, the male germ cell; that testis sing. Near the time of birth the testes of the fetus normally descend from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum. When a testis is hidden in the abdominal cavity or is undescended, cryptorchidism the condition is called. Sperma is the Greek word meaning seed.

Blast- means immature. How about these: Summarize what you learned: The Genitals and the Urinary Tract 75 And these. Figure 4. In addi- tion, the female reproductive system nurtures the developing embryo and fetus for a nine-month period. The ovaries are the female repro- ductive organs in which egg cells are formed.

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An egg cell ovum is released into the fallopian tube and makes its way to the uterus. The uterus is a thick muscular organ that serves as a site for implantation of a fertilized ovum and nourishment of the embryo and fetus.

The cervix is closed and passable only to microscopic entities unless a women is menstruating or in labor. The cervix opens into the vagina.

The vagina is a tubular organ approxi- mately four inches in length. It receives the semen from the penis and together with the cervix is the passageway to the uterus. It acts as a birth canal from the uterus to the outside for the newborn. Other organs lie close to the female reproductive organs. Among these are the muscular urinary bladder and the urethra. The urethra is a short tube leading from the bladder that delivers urine to outside the body. The rectum is the last portion of the digestive organs and terminates at the anus.

The Greek word for egg is oon. An ovum is discharged from the ovary. Build a term for each of the following: The surgical procedure to correct the position of a prolapsed oophoropexy dropped or sagging ovary is called an. A salpingoscope is an instrument used to examine the fallopian tube s. In compound medical words, if two like vowels occur between word roots, they are separated by a hyphen.

Explain when a hyphen - is used in compound terms. Use a hyphen between two like vowels when joining word roots. Colpitis means vagina. The Genitals and the Urinary Tract 79 Write words for the following: See Figure 4. Examination of the female genital system begins at the vulva external genitalia , then the vagina, and on to the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Match the best definition in List B with the word root in List A. Write your selec- tion in the space provided. Build a word for each of the following: Read each term and its meaning.

Then study the accompanying illustrations. Hernia is the protrusion of an organ, or part of an organ, through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it; a rupture.

Ptosis is the sinking down or sagging of an organ or part from its normal position. Anomaly is an irregularity. It is an organ or structure that is abnor- mal or contrary to the general rule.

The Genitals and the Urinary Tract 81 Aneurysm is a localized abnormal dilation of a blood vessel, or bal- looning out of the vessel at a weak point. Write the correct term below each illustration: From the terms provided, select one that best fits each definition. The prolapse, or sagging, of an organ or part from its normal posi- ptosis tion. The abnormal ballooning out of a blood vessel at a weak point. Fill in the missing words to complete each of the following defini- tions.

It is an organ or structure that is con- rule trary to the. Aneurysm is the abnormal ballooning out at a weak point in a blood vessel. Complete each of the following descriptions by writing the form of the term that fits best.

When an organ or part protrudes through the wall of the cavity that herniated verb normally contains it, we say it has.

When a weak spot in the wall of the aorta artery balloons out, we aneurysm noun call it an aortic. The Genitals and the Urinary Tract 83 Write the correct term below each illustration: We suggest something In your own words, write a brief definition for each of the follow- like these: It also regulates the water and salt content of the body.

The urinary tract consists of paired kidneys and ureters, a single urinary bladder, and a urethra. The main organs of excretion are the kidneys. The kidneys are bean-shaped organs about the size of a fist. They are located on either side of the spinal column and usually extend from the 12th rib.

One kidney touches the spleen and the other is slightly below the liver. A ureter exits each kidney at the renal pelvis. This tube carries urine to the main storage organ, the urinary bladder. The bladder is a hollow muscular sac located in the midline at the floor of the pelvic cavity.

It can hold as much as ml of urine without injury. As it distends, it rises into the abdominal cavity. The tube leading from the bladder to the exterior is the urethra. This tube is about one and a half inches long in the female and about eight inches long in the male as it passes through the penis.

Here is a brief summary of the functions of each part of the urinary tract. The urinary system is responsible for making urine from waste mate- ur rials in the blood and carrying urine from the body.

What is the combining form? Orrhaphy is not really a suffix, but again for simplification it can be used as one. Orrhaphy means suturing or stitching for the purpose of repair, especially after trauma. What is the function of the the body or remove urethra?

Another complex word part is -orrhagia, which can be used as a suffix when it follows a word root. Orrhagia means bursting forth of blood as in hemorrhage. Use your dictionary. Select the correct word root or suffix from List B. Write your selection in the space provided in List A. Following are 46 of the medical terms you formed in Chapter 4.

Pronounce each one aloud and spell it on paper. Urethrospasm a. The study or science of motion 2. Spermatoid b. A condition of hardening of vessels 3. Nephroptosis c. Spasm of the urethra 4. Anomaly d. Destruction of blood cells 5. Oophoropexy e. Surgical fixation of the ovary in its 6. Angioblast place 7. Ureterotomy f. Tumor of nerve and fibrous tissue 8.

Angiosclerosis g. Muscle spasm 9. Hysterotomy h. Structure contrary to the rule Myospasm i. Resembling sperm Dyspepsia j. Abnormally enlarged kidney Hemolysis k. Ballooning out of blood vessel Kinesiology l. Painful menstruation cramps Aneurysm m. Vessel germ cell n. Kidney out of its normal place dropped kidney o. Incision into the uterus cesarean section p.

Painful digestion heartburn q. A condition of hardening of muscle sclerosis 2. Kidney stone Nephro 3. Painful menstruation menorrhea 4. Spasm of the uterus spasm 5. Cessation of menses A 6. Hemorrhage bleeding from the bladder orrhagia 7. Surgical removal of the ovary ectomy 8. Incision into the ureter for the purpose of removing a stone lithotomy 9. Stay on track for a fantastic medical school application with our advice on everything from grades and course selection to choosing internships and extracurricular activities.

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Debriefing in the Emergency Department After Clinical Events: A Practical Guide practical approaches to implementing debriefing in the emergency department. Firmly tie clinical clues to diagnoses, using your own words and spaced repetition. Your guide to watch Scrubs online — including simple streaming info, cast actors and characters, and best seasons and episodes experience their first year out of med school together as PURPOSE Screening for fecal occult blood reduces colorectal cancer mortality by identifying patients with positive results for complete diagnostic evaluation CDE.The vagina is a tubular organ approxi- mately four inches in length.

You can change the meaning of a word or root by adding a suffix. For example: Aneurysm m. I think that it was probably a duck. Other organs lie close to the female reproductive organs. Abnormal heart sounds are described as murmurs and may be documented.

Glossalgia Refer to Figure 5.

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