Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, Manual of the Planes, Monster .. Chaos sorcerers (Player's Handbook 2), storm sorcerers. Now you can play a hero who harnesses the raw power of the Elemental Chaos. Player's Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos presents the elementalist. Player's Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos (4e) - Command the They became archomentals in Jeff Grubb's Manual of the Planes ().

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Adventurer's Vault, , MB. Adventurer's Vault 2. pdf Arcane, , MB. Player's Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos. ™. On Sale February 21, All-new D&D. ®. Content that Players will Love! Key Features. • Elemental. Sep 23M Draconomicon 1 - Chromatic Sep Sep 4M Player's Option - Heroes of The

They were totally revamped in 4e to instead be the angelic soldiers of the primordials.

Genasi are a creation from the Planescape line. The setting imagined demon-blooded tieflings and angel-blooded aasimar, so elemental-blooded genasi were a natural next step.

They first appeared in the Planewalker's Handbook and later became important to the Forgotten Realms setting. They made their name with the classic Giant adventure series Titans first appeared in Supplement I: Greyhawk as a more handsome and intelligent sort of giant, but by the publication of the Monster Manual they'd become a godlike being that lived "on a plane somewhere above the material".

They only returned to their gigantic roots in 4e, which portrayed them as more powerful versions of the standard giant types. Githerzai and Slaad are popular extraplanar beings created by future writer Charles Stross for the original Fiend Folio They'd been featured in numerous adventures and sourcebooks over the years. NPCs of Note. The primordials, who were introduced in the Manual of the Planes as a group of powerful elemental beings, get some attention here.

Future History.

D&D 4th Edition the Plane Below

Meanwhile, Wizards returned to the Abyss in Demonomicon Afterward, 4e's carefully managed lines broke apart, and the third planar book, The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond , was a different design from its predecessors. Sadly, the final part of the World Axis would never get a full sourcebook; players would instead have to be content with the scant material available in Heroes of the Feywild About the Creators. An industry freelancer, Marmell had been working with Wizards of the Coast since Dragon Magazine associates it also with the "Demiplane of Time" that's appeared in various forms since 1st edition.

Demiplanes[ edit ] Demiplanes are minor planes, most of which are artificial.

They are commonly created by demigods and extremely powerful wizards and psions. Naturally-occurring demiplanes are rare; most such demiplanes are actually fragments of other planes that have somehow split off from their parent plane. Demiplanes are often constructed to resemble the Material Plane, though a few—mostly those created by non-humans—are quite alien.

Genesis, a 9th level arcane spell or psionic power, and the 9th-level arcane spell Demiplane Seed are among the few printed methods for a player character to create a demiplane. Among the most notable of demiplanes is the Demiplane of Dread , the setting of Ravenloft. Neth[ edit ] Neth, the Plane That Lives, is a living, sentient plane of finite size that has an immense curiosity.

The only access Neth has to the rest of the multiverse is through a single metallic, peach-colored pool on the Astral Plane. Those who look into the pool from the Astral Plane might notice a huge eye flash into focus on its surface, which quickly fades.

Sometimes, Neth will choose to encapsulate its visitors. Two folds of membrane will come together and ensnare and seal off the victims.

Neth will then flood the compartment with either preservative or absorptive fluid. The preservative fluid will put the victim in temporal stasis, and the victim can be revived if the fluid is drained away. If the compartment is flooded with absorptive fluid, the victim will dissolve and be absorbed into Neth itself, including the victim's memories.

D&d 4e Heroes Of The Elemental Chaos Pdf

Characteristics[ edit ] Neth is a living membrane the size of a continent. It is folded upon itself and resembles an enormous paper ball with a radius of about twenty-five miles. The spaces between the membrane's folds can be a hand's span across or larger than a city.

The spaces are filled with air-saturated fluid, but visitors can still breathe in them. If the plane were spread flat, it would be about five hundred miles in diameter, and the average thickness would be approximately thirty feet. Air- and water-breathing visitors to Neth can breathe and speak in Neth's fluid normally. If they swim around unnoticed, they might see organ buds larger than city blocks, beings behind membranous capsules, and the humanoid antibodies of Neth mindlessly going about their business.

Every part of the living demiplane has a soft, pink glow. Neth can also flush the fluid wherever it wants, carrying visitors along with it, usually to the Visage Wall to be questioned. Gravity on Neth is the same strength as that on the material world; however, Neth chooses the direction of gravity's pull and may change it at will. Time is normal on Neth.

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Neth can move its interior membrane at will, creating or destroying fluid-filled spaces. Inhabitants[ edit ] The only thing native to Neth is the plane itself. Neth creates humanoid subunits of itself called Neth's Children, sometimes for specific short-term purposes before reabsorbing them.

Neth's Children are usually identical to flesh golems and resemble a vaguely humanoid mass of flesh. Though they are free-moving, Neth's Children react to stimuli according to the preprogrammed will of Neth. Sometimes, Neth creates his children to serve as antibodies, but they are more often sent to other planes, instructed by Neth to explore and return for reabsorption, thus giving Neth more knowledge. Locations[ edit ] On Neth, the portal to the Astral Plane appears as a twenty-foot-wide, mouth-like cavity, which Neth can open and close at will.

At Neth's center is a thick knot of membrane at least a mile across where all the folds come together.

This serves as Neth's brain. Other parts of the membrane also serve specific functions, which include areas where the membrane can be easily deformed for communication, encapsulation, and budding Neth's Children. The Visage Wall is an area of Neth's membrane where Neth communicates with visitors.

It contains thousands of head-shaped bumps that resemble the likenesses of those previously absorbed by Neth. Neth speaks to its visitors from about five or six of the heads simultaneously, questioning them in order to learn more of the outside universe. Far Realm[ edit ] The Far Realm is an alien dimension of cosmic horror.

It is the home plane for many aberrations and strange monsters. The Far Realm's mix of horror, madness, and strange geometries was largely inspired by the work of American writer H. The Far Realm contains an infinite number of layers, these layers range from inches thick to miles, and it is often possible to perceive multiple layers simultaneously.

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These layers can grow, spawn further layers, breathe and possibly die. The Far Realm is home to many powerful and unspeakable beings ripped from the nightmares of the darkest minds of the waking world, beings so unfathomable that their very existence is a perversion of reality itself.

These beings are governed by lords of unimaginable power and knowledge completely alien. The Far Realm is a plane far outside the others and often not included in the standard cosmology.

It is sometimes referred to simply as "Outside", because in many cosmologies it is literally outside reality as mortals understand it. In the fourth edition, an anomalous plane, the Far Realm is bizarre and maddening. Creatures native to or connected with the Far Realm have the aberrant origin.

Distant stars have been driven mad by proximity to the Far Realm, resulting in the abominations known as starspawn.

D&d 4e Heroes Of The Elemental Chaos Pdf

The Far Realm also breaks into reality at various points in the Underdark , leading to the rise of the aboleth and mind flayer empires. Natural humanoids tainted by the Far Realm are known as foulspawn.

The Far Realm was originally sealed off from reality by a construction known as the Living Gate, which lay at the top of the Astral Sea.

Psionics are believed to have developed as a means to fight the Far Realm, in the same way that a body develops antibodies to fight an infection.Future History.

Atomic Robo. The only access Neth has to the rest of the multiverse is through a single metallic, peach-colored pool on the Astral Plane.

In others, the masses are visible in the sky but difficult to reach. They are small planes that each connect to a group of mirrors that can be located in any other planes throughout the multiverse.

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